About S & S Freight Logistics

S & S Freight Logistics has seen and learned a lot about success and hard work over the last 10 years. 

We believe in providing the very best for our employees and customers and we believe this shows in our business model too.

At S & S Freight Logistics, another unique thing about our business model is that we focus only on intermodal drayage. We are proud to be one of the best providers for this service and we believe that this specialization has helped make us so successful. When you come to us for your drayage needs, you will find that we are just the right size – we are a large enough company to handle any delivery needs you have but also small enough to keep track of each project and stay accountable for all of the products we move for you.

As of now, S & S Freight Logistics employs over 50 company unites. Lastly, above all of our success, S & S Freight Logistics truly believes in delivering professional and reliable services. Not just in our great leadership team and high safety standards, but outside of the workplace too. We believe in doing the right things and making a difference in our work and in our community.